Galeria Dieresis, Guadalajara, México


Diéresis Cultura Contemporánea finds in the promotion of arts, sensitive and effective ways for the development of education. Consequently it has concentrated its efforts in narrowing the gap between the best and most meaningful results from cultural production -local, national or international- and the society that shows itself avid to express and interpret its here and now. The approach to contemporary art in a horizontal way, placing in a precise way the present feeling and thinking, is Diéresis’ trigger to place artistic creation in the palette of daily life and
underline its intention to take the common citizen towards the art collector profile. It is only by working for a true approach between the artist and the beholder that the pairing between cultural production and public creation is completed, leading to environments of sensibility and appreciation for the consumption of the language of the soul.

Thus the documentation of the ideological and philosophical process of artistic production in an edition that works as the vehicle of these time and space manifestations, that is to say, as much for immediate and future as for nearby or distant audiences, so that the book itself is the one that reinforces and expands what the artwork is looking for: to communicate, to touch,to sensitize and humanize.

For Diéresis Contemporary Culture, launching TIMELESS by Gaal D. Cohen is to manifest the pleasantness and admiration of photography and contemporary art. Gaal’s work invites us to pay attention, to be inhabitant citizens of the world and he shares with us the beautiful details of his perceptions. His point of view is a special magnifying glass that amplifies the urban and the human in timeless spaces, where it is only important to observe. Time doesn’t exist, it is relative, and it is TIMELESS.

With this document, Diéresis countersigns its adherence to the educative value as a social composition factor in the local and global planes where it is subscribed, as well as its sincere
and transparent bet for artists such as Gaal D. Cohen that deserve it.

Attentively, Diéresis Contemporary Culture.