Artist Text:

As he saw the piece, my friend and frame builder Enrique "El Viejo" Cabrales, said: "This reminds me of the movie MOEBIUS"

Indeed, the idea of a straight line in direction to infinite can be perfectly appreciated in this train, photographed in the city of Tian Jin, 220 kilometers away from Beijing in the People's Republic of China.

Here I see the train of life, the first picture represents birth and the last one, death. Each window is a circumstance, an experience and an acquired knowledge of life. Surprisingly, in these windows of the train, the same characters arise and recur.

This set of pictures is related to time, a time we are told is non-existent. Maybe it cannot be found in the vertical line of existence, which has no beginning or end, but it does have a relevant place in the horizontal one, the one where all the learning of life is included.