2009 · GRAF&TI
Galeria Colectivo 1939, Guadalajara, México


To show that graffiti is an incorruptible witness, graffiti artists from Guadalajara exchanging experiences with their peers from Barcelona will hold an exhibition.

Graffiti is an incorruptible witness in the face of time, the accomplice of the mute that reflects the ravages of social life. Words are superfluous with images full of colors, textures and shapes conveyed on the city's walls. In recognition of the work of those who dare to paint fences anonymously, the El Colectivo gallery is opening today a collective exhibition of graffiti and photographs. The exhibition brings together a photographic record by Gaal D. Cohen of Barcelona graffiti in Guadalajara. In addition, a series of Guadalajara graffiti images will be shown at the Well Done Gallery in Barcelona.

"This will exist so long as the city is built of walls and there is inequality and discontent. Someone one day wanting to say something will go out on the street to paint on a clean white wall what they want to shout to the world and do it without remorse, as if it were their right. There is always the option to try to understand why they do it, what their motivations, tastes and desires are. This exhibition seeks to provide a new perspective on the urban streaks that are part of our daily lives saying much more than what can be read on first glance.”

La Jornada Jalisco