Museo de Arte Raúl Anguiano, Guadalajara, México



Gaal's Ghosts

Gaal D. Cohen is a storyteller who roams the world with his camera recording fragmented accounts of a truth that underlies the existence of something more profound than what is visible. His images flow from what is apparent to symbolic universes populated by ghosts, where the forms captured by his lens lead to realms of intuition.
With thirty photographs divided into three chapters, the author captures the details of several emblematic buildings by Antoni Gaudí in which unplanned elements appear by chance, like spectres that were incorporated into the image to testify to the uncertainty of the senses and the presence of a second reality hidden from one's gaze. But although the ghosts arose by coincidence, the author's interest in the brilliant Catalan architect, whose religiously charged works he knew from childhood and in which he found meanings that reached new dimensions as time passed by, is not fortuitous.

Constructions dating from the beginning of the twentieth century, such as the Sagrada Familia, Güell Park or the Batlló and Milá houses in Barcelona, are translated in Gaal's photographic version into a metaphor of the struggle of the spirit against matter, in harmony with the mystical vision of the Catalan genius, to leave graphic testimony of a history grounded in the ascendant path to freedom.

María Fernanda Matos
Curator of the exhibit