Foro 17, Guadalajara, México


Artist Text:


As a photographer I find that Instagram is the perfect medium within
social networks. One photo, zero words, two clicks and as a result:
I know that you are and you know that I am. We both are. Without speaking.
Every day I find non-verbal communication that brings a
social connection without any obligation.
I decided to share it at the rate of a daily photo uploaded to Instagram
from October 11, 2014 till October 10, 2015, with two fundamental goals:

1.- Invite you to open your eyes and allow them to capture in any
moment the aesthetic manifests itself in things and moments,
circumstances and people, from the most obvious and simple to
the most spectacular and unusual. The idea is based on being more
aware of the environment in which we are immersed rather than
forgetting oneself in the constant dialogue of mind and power,
thus enjoy what the eye discovers when we are present in
every moment lived.

2.- Photos can be classified on a scale that goes from bad
to discard, even the exceptional ones to expose. Within
this same scale we can find the banal, the good and the
In the time of analog photography, on a roll of 36 photos,
I could hopefully get an exceptional one and a few good ones. Today in
In the digital age, out of a hundred photos, hopefully an exceptional one will come out.
The goal of this project is not that all photographs are
exceptional, the goal is for the viewer to discover the criticism, not
only in this work but also learning self-criticism.
The project is complemented with the printing of the
daily Instagram pictures simulating a monthly calendar
(150x100cms) for the thirteen months of the duration of the
project. It closes with the impression of an additional work composed of
the 13 photos (one per month) that have received the maximum number of likes