Gaal Cohen Photographer
Gaal Cohen Photographer


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As a photographer I find that Instagram is the perfect “medium” within the social media.

One picture, zero words, 2 clicks; I know you are there, you know I am here, we both know without a word. Every day I find non-verbal communication. There is a social connection with no obligation.

I started a Project on October 11, 2014 posting a picture a day for one year. The project will end October 10. 2015 with two fundamental goals.

1. Invite you to open your eyes, as the day goes by, so to catch moments, images where esthetics, from very insignificants to very obvious things, passing by non expected ones. The idea is based on trying to be more conscious every moment, rather than forgetting oneself in the constant dialogue of the mind, and so enjoy what the eyes can discover when one is present.

2. Pictures can be classified on a scale from bad to throw away, to exceptional to exhibit. Within that scale we can describe them as banal, good and excellent. When cameras were analogous, out of a roll of 36 pictures, with luck an exceptional one would have been taken, and maybe a couple of good ones. These days in the digital era, from 100 shots, one may be exceptional. So the goal here is not that all photographs be exceptional. It is more for the spectator to develop a critical eye, not only of this work, but for oneself as well.

Finally if you choose this work to be exhibited in your space, be aware that a specific action takes place between the work and the spectator.