Gaal Cohen Photographer

Foro 17, Guadalajara, México


Artist Text:

(Man is the Wolf of Man)
First part: Wars Why?

In 2013, I proposed a context of peace within the framework of the Guadalajara International Book Fair through the exhibition Amen at the Instituto Cultural Cabañas now knosn at the Museo Cabañas

This year, I reflect on 100 years of war based on the centennial of the First World War (1914-2014), and its interrelationship with the 230 wars that occurred within this centennial. I present several works of warfare with which I have an interpersonal relationship, and without limiting myself, I will continue to create them over time.

Just as in the frames of Amen, in each frame of Wars Why?I have included a text reflecting on the number of dead during the time of the war in question, and conclude with the number of daily and sometimes hourly deaths resulting from this war.

Regardless of the current trend in art to confront the spectator, I select pieces reminiscent of the war with the aesthetics that I think characterize my work in general. War is an element that makes up our world. It has always existed and will always exist, until..., well, that will be the final theme of Homo Homini Lupus.

If wooden frames were used in the context of Amen, black colored metal frames were chosen for Wars Why?