Gaal Cohen Photographer

Born in France, having lived in Belgium, Israel, Canada, and the USA, I now reside in Guadalajara, Mexico, but I still and always will consider myself a New Yorker as I lived there for many years, many years ago. Growing up in a camera shop, photography has always been a love affair. More lyrical and intuitive than technical, the pictures I take is what I see and if it brings a thought, a feeling or an emotion the the person that sees it, then I can say: Mission accomplished ! Showing something very banal in a different optic is a challenge I enjoy and I should add that the new tools of the digital era do fascinate me.

Everybody asks: what is your line in art? My answer is that not having a specific one, is the one I feel most confortable with! Creativity is manifold and should not be limited, especially for those in the field of art. Keeping the balance between esthetics (which is not necessarily beauty) and discourse is definitely something I always try to achieve. Having studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and thanatology forged my life in general, my search for creativity, as well as my spiritual path.

More than an artist or a photographer, a visual storyteller is a better description of how I feel of the art I produce, which can go from a simple urban shot to a complex fusion or a fancy digital manipulation. I do art for the love of it, “Art for the Heart” would be what best describes the line that so many insist on.


Born: Paris, France 1951
Nationalities: Canadian & French
Residence since 1994: Guadalajara, Mexico


1974-1976 · New York University: Certificate in "Film Making"
1990 · Doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM, Victoria Vancouver, BC (Specialized in thanatology)


2020:   Testigos/Witnesses Museo de las Americas (Denver, Colorado, USA)
2020:   Testigos/Witnesses Museum of Art Raúl Anguiano · MURA (Guadalajara, México)
2019:   Gastronomic Quilt Galeria 133 (Chapala, México)
2018:   Gaudí's Ghosts Museo de arte Raúl Anguiano · MURA (Guadalajara, México)
2018:   Mundos paralelos Museum Panteón de Belén (Guadalajara, México)
2018:   Homo Homini Lupus · Wars Why? Foro 17 (Guadalajara, México)
2017:   Mundos paralelos Casa Z (Guadalajara, México)
2016:   Minerva: Vista de otro punto de vista Studio GDC (Guadalajara, México)
2015:   unafotoaldiaaldoctoraleja Espacio Arista 1640 (Guadalajara, México)
2015:   222 Steps Museo Cabañas · ICC (Guadalajara, México)
2015:   Am I Charlie? 14th anniversary of “Mar Adentro A.C., Museo Cabañas (Guadalajara, México)
2013:   Amén Museo Cabañas · ICC (Guadalajara, México)
2013:   Timeless Diéresis Cultura Contemporánea (Guadalajara, México)
2011:   Paso Doble Galería de Juristas, Legisladores Jaliscienses y Museo del SiMo (Guadalajara, México)
2009:   Graf&ti Eldone Gallery (Barcelona, España)


2021:   The New Face "Month of Photography" Museo de las Americas (Denver, Colorado, EUA)
2020:   Fellini Museo Ex Convento del Carmen (Guadalajara, México)
2015:   Simbiosis Migratoria (San Pedro Sula, Honduras)
2012:   Proyecto 21/21 Project Fundación Hospicio Cabañas / Group show (Guadalajara, México)
2013:   Mi Ciudad, GDL Museo Ex Convento del Carmen, 2da Bienal de Fotograna, Estudio 3.14 (GDL, México)
2011:   Fachadalajara Museo de la Ciudad, Primera Bienal de Fotograna, Estudio 3.14 (Guadalajara, México)
2009:   Graf&ti El Colectivo 1939 (Guadalajara, México)
1978:   Water Colors SohoPhotoGallery (New York City)


2020:   Emeritus Artist Program to stimulate the creation and artistic development (PECDA), Secretary of Culture of Jalisco (Guadalajara, México)
2011:   Armando Salas Segunda Bienal de Fotografía Urbana, Estudio 3.14 (Guadalajara, México)


Acervo “Museo Cabañas” GDL· Acervo Museo de loa Ciudad of Guadalajara, GDL · Colección Dieresis, GDL · Colección Gaia · Black Coffee CollecMon · Acervo “Museo de las Americas” (Denver, CO)


2017:   Dentro y fuera · In & Out
2017:   Minerva, La restauración
2016:   222 Pasos
2014:   Amén
2013:   Timeless
2012:   Proyecto 21/21